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Updated October 13, 2022 – Something that can certainly help seniors to prevent falling are the type of shoes that they wear. Just to generalize a bit, if the shoes don’t fit you properly or if they have a smooth bottom they are generally not the best type of shoes for older adults to wear.

So, what kind of slippers should elderly wear to help prevent falls? – The list includes shoes or slippers that support your ankles, that have soles made of hard rubber, that have an insole and that fit your foot tightly but comfortably. Other factors are taken into consideration depending on your specific health needs.

Now, I understand that not every slipper or shoe that you wear will support your ankles, otherwise we would all be wearing boots all the time.

But if you do have problems with balance or strength in your legs, I do recommend that you at least speak with your physician and/or podiatrist about the best types of shoes for your specific needs.

Here’s a great article with information on helping you to identify your “foot type” – which in turn can help you choose the best type of slippers and shoes for yourself.

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Should Elderly People Wear Slippers?

There is certainly not wrong with an older adult wearing slippers. The key is to wear the ones that have a back, instead of open in the back. And of course, they should be non-skid.

But, of course, it really depends on each individual’s situation and needs.

If an elderly person is living alone, isn’t very mobile, and spends most of their time indoors, wearing slippers can help them stay warm and cozy.

Slippers can also provide some much-needed traction on slippery floors, which can help prevent dangerous falls.

Of course, not all elderly people will need or want to wear slippers all the time.

It’s important to respect each individual’s preferences and needs. But for those who would benefit from wearing slippers, it’s definitely worth considering!

The 3 Main Varieties Of Non-Skid Slippers We Recommend Are:

  1. Standard slippers – These are the regular type of designs that we normally find.
  2. Bootie slippers – These have a higher support around the ankle if that’s what’s needed.
  3. Sock slippers – These are socks with grippers which for some, may be more comfortable that any type of slipper with a rubber sole.

These slippers can also make for a great birthday gift!

Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Seniors

Okay, so most of us love to wear comfortable slippers at home. And yes, there certainly are slippers that work better for seniors and these are normally the non-slip, non-skid kind.

So, let’s take a look at some options available to you today.

Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Non-slip Sole

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (1)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (2)

I like these particular slippers because not only are they non-slip but they have a memory foam cushion so they are very comfortable and they have a secure back heel. They’re sturdy enough that you can wear them outdoors (for things like fetching the newspaper or talking to your neighbor on the front porch) and they are machine washable! They also come in several colors.

Dearfoams Womens Microfiber Velour Espadrille Slippers

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (3)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (4)

Another similar type of slippers are made by a very popular brand – Dearfoam. They also come in a variety of colors, have a dense memory foam insole, can be used indoors and outdoors like the Wishcotton one I mentioned above and are machine washable.

Women’s Comfort Cotton Knit House Shoes by Home Top

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (5)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (6)

These slippers have a very high density foam insole for maximum comfort and are machine and hand washable. The anti-skid rubber sole will help to keep you from slipping on the floor and the back heel support should keep the shoe firmly on your feet.

The Hanes Men’s Moccasin Slipper House Shoe

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (7)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (8)

This house slipper for men has many of the same wonderful attributes that the slippers I mentioned above have. They come in a variety of colors, they have a non-slip sole, memory foam insole and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Slipper Venetian

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (9)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (10)

Kenneth Cole’s slippers for men with a non-slip rubber sole also has a nice thick memory foam insole and a microsuede upper. Again, the fact that it is a non-slip type of slipper with a secure back heel both work to make it a safe slipper for elderly men.

DREAM PAIRS Men’s Au-Loafer Moccasins Slippers

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (11)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (12)

I love these comfy mocassin type of slippers for men. The look of them is so very comfy and cozy. They have a suede leather upper so I would not recommend them for outdoor use but do have a rubber sole and a secure back heel.

Gohom Indoor Slipper Boots For Women

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (13)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (14)

For seniors who want a little more support around their ankles, these slipper booties are ideal. They have an anti-slip soft sole, include memory foam insole and come in a large variety of styles, colors and designs.

Hanes Men’s Slipper Boot House Shoes

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (15)
Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (16)

Perfectly suited for men who want a little more support around their ankles, these slipper boots have non-skid soles and memory foam insoles for maximum comfort.

VERO MONTE Slipper Socks With Grippers For Women

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (17)Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (18)

For seniors who have a difficult time finding slippers that are comfortable to wear, slipper socks may be the answer. They conform to your feet and these particular ones have grippers on the bottom which will help to keep you from slipping. Note that most slipper socks do not have memory foam insoles.

Panda Bros Slipper Socks For Men

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (19)Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls (20)

Yes, there are slipper socks for men too! Again, they conform very well to your feet making them very comfortable to wear and the anti-slip dots on the sole of the feet help to keep you from falling.

What Kind Of Slippers Are Best For Seniors?

Wearing safe slippers to help prevent falls (and for comfort) seems like a no-brainer and a very inexpensive one at that!

So, what constitutes a “safe slipper” that’s specific for seniors? Here’s my list:

  • Rubber non-slip soles
  • Secure back heel (decreases the chances of the shoe slipping off the foot)
  • Easy to slip on and slip off
  • Ankle support if needed for the senior wearing the slippers
  • Fit properly (not too big, not too small)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accommodate issues such as high arch,Planters Fascitis,Morton’s Neuroma,arthritis, etc.

Getting just the right type of slipper for an elderly person can sometimes be difficult.

I know that for me, my foot size is ideally 7.25 so slippers that are a size 7 are too small and ones that are a size 7.5 are too big.

Plus, I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma from years of wearing shoes that were too tight.

This means that now I have to search for shoes that have a wide front (which for women, is extremely difficult to find).

I simply recommend to try a variety of styles to see what works best for you.

Oh – one piece of personal advice I can give you is that if the slipper or shoe does not feel comfortable when you are trying it on – don’t purchase it.

It won’t change shape or suddenly feel good on your feet.

Choose a slipper / shoe that feels comfortable when you try it on the first time.

What Are Orthopedic Slippers?

Orthopedic slippers are shoes that have been custom designed to provide support and comfort to the feet, ankles, and legs.

They are often used by people who have problems with their feet, such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, or flat feet.

Orthopedic slippers can also be helpful for people who have back pain, as they can help to take pressure off of the spine.

There are many different styles of orthopedic slippers available, so it is important to choose a pair that will be comfortable for you to wear.

If you have any questions about whether or not orthopedic slippers are right for you, be sure to speak with a certified podiatrist.

Are Crocs Good For Elderly Adults?

There are many different styles of Crocs shoes nowadays so the answer to this question really depends on the style of Crocs and the individual’s foot!

I would say that as long as the shoe fits snugly, has a back support and has a non-skid sole that a Croc shoe could be a good product for the elderly adult.

Just remember that Croc shoes are made of plastic and that means that their soles can wear out quicker than other types of shoes.

So, replace them more often to prevent slipping and sliding and falling.

Most people (especially seniors) don’t think about their footwear when it comes to preventing falls, but shoes can actually make a big difference.

The best shoes for fall prevention are those that offer good traction and support. Look for shoes with a wide base, low heels, back support and non-skid soles.

Also, watch out for worn out shoes. Many older adults will wear the same shoes for years, even though the soles may be worn down and the support may be gone.

If your shoes are starting to show signs of wear, it’s time to replace them.

Avoid Slippers Or Shoes That Have The Following

There are some features that elderly adults should do their best to avoid when it comes to the types of slippers or shoes that they wear.

  • Loose slippers or shoes like Flip Flops – living in South Florida it’s only natural that the majority of footwear worn there are sandal type of shoes and that includes backless shoes and slippers and flip flops. Not only do these types of slippers / shoes provide absolutely NO support they are very easy to trip over.
  • High heels – as an Occupational Therapist I have treated women in their 70’s and 80’s who fractured a bone or suffered a head injury because they tripped and fell because of the high heels that they insist on continuing to wear. I know change is hard for many seniors. But I can honestly say that every person I treated for this type of injury truly regretted wearing those high heels.
  • Smooth soles – those nice patent leather shoes that we used to wear to school or work mostly have smooth soles and these are very dangerous for many older adults. With these types of shoes you can slip on tile, carpeting, wood floors, etc. Best to give them away and replace them with rubber soled shoes.

Getting safe slippers for yourself or a senior loved one should not be too difficult as long as you stick with the information here in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Put Slippers In The Dryer?

Many slippers that I mentioned here are machine and/or hand washable. But – that does not mean they should be put in the dryer. Read the information that comes with the slippers or search for that information online.

Is It Safe To Drive In Slippers?

I would recommend NOT driving with slippers, even if they are secure on your feet. If anything were to happen to your car and you had to walk or be outdoors for any length of time, the slippers on your feet may not be the best type of shoe to wear in that instance.


What slippers are best for elderly? ›

Non-Slip Slippers For Elderly Seniors
  • Wishcotton Light Breathable Slippers with Non-slip Sole. ...
  • Dearfoams Womens Microfiber Velour Espadrille Slippers. ...
  • Women's Comfort Cotton Knit House Shoes by Home Top. ...
  • The Hanes Men's Moccasin Slipper House Shoe. ...
  • Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Slipper Venetian.

Should seniors wear slippers? ›

Indoor footwear

It is recommended that older people wear close-backed, well-fitted, slip-resistant slippers or house shoes indoors. A house-shoe offers the comfort of a slipper, but with the stable support of a shoe.

What kind of shoes should elderly wear? ›

Sturdy and Supportive

The ideal pair of shoes for the elderly should have a low heel for maximum contact with the ground to ensure stability while walking. High heels, more than an inch off the ground, can increase the likelihood of twisting an ankle or falling.

Are Crocs safe for elderly? ›

“I generally recommend that older adults avoid wearing Crocs unless their feet and ankles are very swollen,” Weiser says. This is because Crocs can cause some people to fall. As mentioned, Crocs aren't particularly good at helping you maintain balance, especially since they don't provide heel support.

What are orthopedic slippers? ›

Supportive, orthopaedic slippers with moulded footbeds and deep heel cups provide arch support and can help with moderate foot pain management. This is useful for preventing, managing and treating many common foot conditions.

What is medical slippers? ›

TAt home or in a nursing home, the use of a medical shoe guarantees increased walking comfort. Equipped with a non-slip sole and a wide opening, the medical shoe allows safe movement. This type of product is also recommended for the protection of the feet when moving in a wheelchair.

What is unsafe footwear for elderly? ›

Unsafe Footwear Contributes to the Risk of Falls

Inappropriate footwear, such as high heels or shoes that are too tight, can make the foot or ankle unstable. It can also cause or worsen corns, bunions or other painful conditions, which have been shown to increase a senior's risk of falling as well.

Is it better to walk barefoot or with slippers at home? ›

Wearing shoes or slippers inside is about more than just comfort. Doctors recommend them over walking barefoot at home to prevent injuries and accidents and keep your feet in top shape.

What should you wear on your feet to minimize risk of slipping? ›

Wear shoes with a non-slip sole in your home rather than socks or slippers. During winter, wear boots that have good traction on ice and snow; and. It is generally best to avoid shoes with high or narrow heels worn, stretched or loose shoes; and heavy shoes.

Are Skechers good for old people? ›

Are Skechers' senior walking shoes good for the elderly? As long as they provide enough cushioning, better traction, and support like any ordinary walking shoe, you can opt for a pair of Skechers walking shoes.

Are Skechers good for your feet? ›

Skechers sandals can be both good and bad for your feet, depending on the type of sandal and how often you wear them. The rubber soles of Skechers sandals provide cushioning and shock absorption, which can help to protect your feet from the impact of walking, running, or jumping.

Why do nurses wear Crocs? ›

Crocs provides a number of slip resistant nurse and hospital shoes and clogs to help you stay safe during your shift.

Why are Birkenstocks so good for your feet? ›

Our Contoured Footbed Encourages Foot Health

The Birkenstock footbed is made of resilient cork/latex and is shaped to create a healthy walking environment for your feet. Additionally, the cork/latex blend is pliable and reacts to natural body warmth.

Does orthopedic slippers work? ›

Orthopedic slippers support your foot, providing it with essential support. They may even be able to correct foot alignment issues, decreasing discomfort and preventing present problems from deteriorating. If you use orthopedic slippers daily, you may notice a significant reduction in foot pain.

Can anyone wear ortho slippers? ›

Ortho slippers are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive slipper. They provide maximum comfort and support to your feet, making them ideal for people with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, or other conditions.

What are sock slippers? ›

noun. a sock with a soft leather or vinyl sole sewn onto it, used as indoor footwear.

What are mule slippers? ›

A mule is a type of shoe that has no back or fastening around the heel and with no constraints around the foot. Made with a distinctive slip-on design, mules are both easy to wear and elegant in appearance so you can count on them to be a failsafe style option for your wardrobe.

What are poppy slippers? ›

Poppies, a house slipper with elaborate embroidery design made from soft black velvet, satin quilted linings and hard leather soles.

What are reflexology slippers? ›

Walking in acupressure massage slippers can relieve foot pain and can induce better sleep. These slippers target the nerve endings, as a result, you have better blood circulation and relaxed nerves.

What is unsuitable footwear for patients who are at risk of falls? ›

Shoes linked to an increased risk of falling include: Shoes with inadequate fixation (no laces, straps, or buckles) Increased heel height (greater than 4.5 cm, or about 1 3/4 inches) Narrow heel (less than 20% width of the heel)

Should seniors wear shoes in the house? ›

However, older adults and those at risk of falls might benefit from keeping a comfortable pair of shoes next to their favorite easy chair. “Slippers are the traditional choice for indoor shoes, but offer little foot protection and contribute to many household falls.”

Do minimalist shoes improve balance and foot strength in older adults? ›

Increased hallux strength and reach ability further suggests walking in minimalist footwear activates the foot muscles to a greater extent, thus leading to improvements in foot strength and consequently balance.

Why should you wear socks in the house? ›

Some of the most common deformities include hammertoes or bunions (Hallux Valgus). One of the biggest problems with going barefoot in the house means that your feet will be directly exposed to germs and bacteria on the ground and even the possibility of stepping on sharp and pointy items, including glass.

Should you wear slippers inside the house? ›

Wearing slippers at home is generally good. It helps to prevent accidents such as slips, keeps your house cleaner, and prevents fungal infections from spreading. It can also reduce instances of colds and flu, stops foot pain from her indoor surfaces, protects your socks, and could make you more productive.

Should you go barefoot in the house? ›

It's not just about the risk of getting dirt and germs on your feet. Going barefoot in your house can lead to foot problems such as heel pain and/or ball of foot pain.

What is the most common cause of slips trips and falls? ›

Spills, ice, snow, rain, loose mats, rugs, and stepladders are some of the common causes of slips, trips, and falls. In addition, poor lighting and clutter can cause injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises, bumps, fractures, scratches, and cuts.

What type of footwear must be worn where there is a risk of injury to feet? ›

Purpose. Safety shoes are required where the potential for serious injury to the foot may result from an employee's daily job duties.

What type of work shoe will help reduce the risk of slipping at work? ›

It is ideal to have multiple layers of cushioning under the heel and forefoot. Avoid shoes that are too soft and provide little support. A firm heel counter and stable midfoot allows the shoe to work with the foot during the gait cycle.

What are fall footwear? ›

Loafers, retro sneakers, and scrunchie flats are a few more fall mainstays, pairing perfectly with shorts and skirts right now.

What is a fall shoe? ›

Fall footwear means boots—but not just boots. With the arrival of some standout trend-driven pairs like Khaite's western-esque suede booties or Prada's glossy patent leather ankle boots comes this season's party-ready pumps and mules from Amina Muaddi and By Far.

What shoes are good to walk on concrete all day? ›

Top Shoes for Walking on Concrete
  • Adidas ultraBoost 5.0 DNA – best for walking on concrete all day, men's and women's.
  • Sketchers arch fit – best for standing all day.
  • Sketchers Gowalk Joy- Best shoes for standing all day on concrete.
  • Nike Revolution 5 – men and women – runner up for walking on concrete.
Apr 21, 2023

What shoes to wear in a nursing home? ›

Residents of Nursing Homes have some fairly common requirements when it comes to footwear. Shoes need to be stable, be easy to get on and off, be able to accept custom orthotics (if required) and as an added bonus, be machine washable.

Are kiziks good for older people? ›

Our easy-slip-on HandsFree Labs® technology makes all of our Kizik styles an ideal choice for anyone looking to stay active, independent, and stylish in their elderly years.

Are flip flops safe for seniors? ›

Flip-flops are not good for walking because they do not provide an adequate cushion for the heel, proper shock absorption or arch support. Also, flip-flops alter gait (walking) patterns, resulting in structural problems and pain that migrates from the feet upward to the hips and back.

What is the disadvantage of Skechers shoes? ›

As a consequence, Skechers can cause ligament and muscle stresses and strains. The memory foam could take on the 'memory' of a poor gait style causing destabilising foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain.

Do podiatrists like Skechers? ›

As a podiatrist I am not totally against the Skecher type shoe as they can be very comfortable for painful arthritic type feet and individuals with no particular foot or lower limb problem, but they should be restricted to light casual wear only or even better as a comfort slipper replacement.

Why do doctors wear Skechers? ›


The brand's breathable and lightweight materials, combined with their flexible and slip-resistant outsoles, make them an excellent choice for physicians seeking a balance of comfort, support, and durability.

What do podiatrist say about Skechers? ›

Some reasons why some podiatrists are hesitant to endorse these light weight style Sketchers shoes includes: Minimal to no stability in the heel to counteract a heel that “rolls-in” excessively. No stability in the midsole.

Are Crocs good for your feet? ›

That said, Crocs lack arch support, so exercising, walking for an extended period of time, or working in them is not recommended by foot specialists. The plastic construction may also lead to sweaty, stinky feet and even blisters.

What are the disadvantages of memory foam shoes? ›

In fact, several foot pain, heel pain and back pain complaints have been made by users of memory foam shoes! This includes the possibility of inflamed heel tendons or swollen ankles. Some podiatrists have even noticed this issue and warned the public against wearing memory foam shoes.

Why are Dansko shoes so good? ›

All Dansko Shoes that have Rocker-Bottom Outsoles are engineered to help prevent foot fatigue. The rocking motion of these uniquely designed outsoles helps to propel your forward while you walk, thereby reducing the overall stress and strain on your feet and lower legs.

Why are Crocs not allowed in healthcare? ›

Regardless, not all healthcare facilities allow nurses or providers to wear crocs. Most hospitals and healthcare facilities require footwear that thoroughly covers the entire foot. What is this? It's because open-toe and open-heel footwear creates healthcare risks and increases the chances of injury.

What are the disadvantages of Birkenstocks? ›

In this article we talk about why strengthening your feet and wearing unsupportive shoes might be a better long term strategy for preventing foot issues than wearing Birkenstocks.
  • Arch Support Makes Your Feet Weak.
  • Stiff Soles Limit Your Foot Mobility.
  • Slides Cause Toe Gripping.
  • Birkenstock Got A Few Things Right.

Do foot doctors recommend Birkenstocks? ›

"They're really good for if you have a flat foot or you have arch pain because they have a supportive longitudinal arch. But I would recommend them to most people — unless you have some kind of severe ailment that obviously needs a more personalized approach."

Do podiatrists recommend Oofos? ›

The technology behind OOFOS footwear is the unique OOfoam, which absorbs 37% more shock than any other material found in footwear. The patented foot-bed also offers great support, which is why OOFOS are recommended by Health Professionals such as Podiatrists and Physiotherapists.

Do slippers help circulation? ›

Many individuals suffer from swollen feet, whether due to a medical condition like diabetes or just poor blood circulation to their lower extremities. What many people don't know is that wearing supportive slippers can help to encourage blood flow to your feet, which can reduce the amount of swelling they experience.

How do I choose good slippers? ›

Factors to consider
  1. Material. When choosing slippers, one should take care of the material. ...
  2. Quality. Like material, quality is also essential. ...
  3. Select the perfect size. The size is the most crucial consideration when choosing slippers for daily usage. ...
  4. Comfort level. ...
  5. Grip. ...
  6. Design.
Aug 30, 2022

What can I use for poor circulation in my feet? ›

7 Tips To Improve Circulation in the Foot
  • Get Proper Exercise. Moving your body is one of the easiest and fastest ways to ensure that your feet get better circulation. ...
  • Use Compression Socks. ...
  • Massage Foot Tissue. ...
  • Eat a Healthy Diet. ...
  • Keep Legs Elevated. ...
  • Monitor Your Blood Pressure. ...
  • Manage Stress. ...
  • Final Thoughts.
Oct 4, 2022

Is it better to wear slippers or socks? ›

The extra padding provided by your socks could give you a snugger fit which may be what you're looking for. If your feet tend to be very sweaty or you find that your shoes tend to get smelly very quickly, wearing socks with your slippers could prolong the life of your slippers as well as increase comfort levels.

What shoes will help prevent slips trips and falls have? ›

Flat-soled shoes help reduce slips and falls by maximizing the surface area in contact with the floor and minimizing the risk of catching or tripping on a stair tread. For example, shoes with a two-inch raised heel reduce contact with the floor by 40%.

Are Skechers good for seniors? ›

Skechers Go Walk

It is one of the safest shoes for seniors, as it doesn't have laces or velcro straps that need to be fastened. They instead opt for a well-designed slip-on design. Skechers Go Walk series will comfort your loved one's feet inside and outside their home.

Should you size up or down for slippers? ›

The short answer is that your slipper size should be the same as your normal shoe size. However, if you tend to wear socks with your slippers, then you'll want a pair that has more of a loose fit.

Should you buy bigger or smaller in slippers? ›

Slipper sizes are the same as normal shoe sizes but sometimes can be a little larger as the fit is quite loose and relaxed, so you should get your normal size and if that doesn't fit then go down a size.

What are the side effects of orthopedic shoes? ›

Unfortunately, custom orthotic shoe inserts don't come with a guarantee. Stress from orthotics can actually lead to weak ankles, feet or knees and cause additional foot pain.

What is the difference between orthotic and orthopedic shoes? ›

Orthotics address plantar fasciitis, calluses and corns, shin splints, tendonitis, diabetic feet, and ulcers. Orthopedic shoes help those who have bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, flat feet, swollen feet, and recently had foot surgery.


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